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Welcome to my homepage.

My name is Andrey Borissov.

I was born and live in Russia , Moscow city. At the beginning this site was created as internet name card at 2003. But now it is my part of internet area which help me to connect with new and old friends and where I put all news and information about events of my life, passions and work.   

I joined to Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI) in 1997 at The Radio Engineering Faculty (REF)

Specialization: Digital cell communication systems. Have graduated BS from Department of Radio Engineering Systems MTUCI (Red diploma) in 2001 after this I get Master of Techniques and Technologies in Radio Engineering (Red diploma) from Department of Radio Engineering Systems in 2003. 

Now I am junior member of teaching and research staff of Radio Engineering Systems Department MTUCI. Have researching into the nonlinear dynamic systems. Conducting seminars and lab works. Recent work has synthesis of systems nonlinear differential equations with chaotic solves.


19/11/2008 Finaly, I change my job. Now I am a Customer Project Manager at Ericsson. Great Swedish Company with clear and understandible business posission and targets.

22/06/2007 I Get the IELTS test report.


19/11/2006 ATTENTION! My dear friends and colleagues! Unfortunately, My email was hacked. If you receive any mail from this address, DON'T TRUST that information. My new mail is

20/09/2006 I publish paper in “Mobile Systems” Magazine. The title is “Chaos to raise crypto-stability”

10/09/2006 I retutre from business trip to china. WCDMA Tests. Certification Tests of System of technical facilities for ensuring the operative-search measures SORM mobile Radiotelephone communication Networks (MRCN SORM).  See Photo

19/08/2006 I publish my papers in "MTUCI Transactions" Magazine. First is “ The methodology of prediction and diagnostics nonlinear dynamic systems with Chaotic motion” and second “The synthesis of chaotic generators with internal control”.

01/07/2006 I start study IPTV.

14/06/2006 I read my pre-presentation on Radio Engineering Systems Dept.MTUCI

05/05/2006 I'm promoted. Now I'm Thecnical Spesialist NGN and VAS. ZTE Corporation, Pre-Sale Department.

07/03/2006 I pass last exam. MTUCI

26/02/2006 Business trip to china (from 14.02.06 to 24.02.06). See photo

30/01/2006 Business trip to china (from 15.01.06 to 25.01.06). See photo

09/12/2005 I finished to study very intresring training for NGN

22/11/2005 I passed last exam in my University

23/10/2005 I return from China :-). See Photo

Andrey A. Borissovs
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